Community Health Reports

The Wilkes County Health Department in partnership with the Wilkes Regional Medical Center and the Health Foundation, Inc., as part of a local community health needs assessment (CHNA) process and accreditation process for the Wilkes County Health Department publishes a series of reports related to the health status and needs of our community, Wilkes County.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Every three years in partnership with Wilkes Regional Medical Center and the Health Foundation, Inc., the CHNA is conducted. The CHNA is a comprehensive report on the state of Wilkes County's health. It covers areas all areas of health including but not limited to:

    Community Health Concerns


    Health Priorities

    History of Wilkes County

    Population Demographics

    Socioeconomic Factors

Information regarding the county is collected through community member surveys, stakeholder surveys, state and local data. From the CHNA health priority areas are selected and community partners work together to increase awareness intervention in these areas.

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Community Health Needs Assessment Overview

Health Status

Healthcare Resources

Economic Stability

Education Access & Quality

State of the County Health Reports