Wilkes Healthy Carolinians Council

Wilkes Healthy Carolinians Council is an advocate for health care reform, it is a catalyst for improving quality, access continuity and coordination of health care services in Wilkes County since 1993. The need for caring citizens at every level to help plan, implement, and evaluate health promotion programs is critical right now. Disease prevention and physical/mental health promotion is a must in today's society.

Health Promotion

Health promotion improves the health status of individuals, families, communities, states, and the nation. Now with this partnership of the Wilkes County Health Department with Wilkes Regional Medical Center, the power of partnering is even greater. Through education-driven, voluntary behavior change programs, professionally trained health educators and ordinary grass-roots citizens like you make a difference in the health of people and communities.

Wilkes County Health Priorities

We need you and your involvement in this vital task. Four areas of need have been identified as health priorities in Wilkes.
  1. Access to Health Care
  2. Child Obesity
  3. Mental Health
  4. Prescription Drug Abuse

Additional Information

If you would like to find out more about our council or become a member, contact Council Executive, Paul Hugger at 336-651-8130 or by email.