Physical Fitness

If we could package the benefits of physical activity in pill form, it would be a miracle drug, yet less than half - only 44% of North Carolinians get the recommended amounts of physical activity.


There are many health benefits of physical activity. Regular physical activity can help you:

Types of Physical Activity

  1. Aerobic or Cardiovascular Activity: the ability of the body's heart and lungs to supply fuel to your body during sustained physical activity. Examples of exercises that increase aerobic fitness are swimming, biking and walking.
  2. Muscle Building or Strength Building Activities: is the ability of the muscles to exert force during an activity and continue to perform without fatigue. Examples of exercises that increase muscular strength and endurance are lifting weights and doing push-ups.
  3. Flexibility Activities: is the ability of the joints to move through a range of motion, for example reaching to get something off the top shelf or bending down to pick something up.