Sample Ballots

Sample Ballot Disclaimer Notice

Any person or organization that wishes to copy sample ballots please are advised of the following: G.S. 163-165.2(b) Document Resembling an Official Ballot to Contain Disclaimer.- No person other than a board of elections shall produce or disseminate a document substantially resembling an official ballot unless the document contains on its face a prominent statement that the document was not produced by a board of elections and is not an official ballot.

Democratic Ballot D0001 (18 and older)         Democratic Ballot D0002 (17 yr old)

Republican Ballot R0003 (18 and older)          Republican Ballot R0004 (17 yr old)

Republican Ballot R0005 (18 and older)          Republican Ballot R0006 (17 yr old)

Non-Partisan Ballot N0007 (18 and older)

Ballot Styles R0003 and R0004 are assigned to the following precincts: Antioch, Boomer, Brushy Mtn, Cricket, Fairplains, Ferguson, Millers Creek, Moravian Falls, Mt. Pleasant, Mulberry 1, Mulberry, North Wilkesboro, Reddies River, Rock Creek 1 & 2, Somers, Union, Walnut Grove, Wilkesboro 1, 2, & 3

Ballots Styles R0005 and R0006 are assigned to the following precincts: Edwards 1, 2 & 3 and Traphill 1 & 2 

All precincts are assigned the ballot styles D0001, D0002 and N0007

You may click here to find your precinct and/or ballot style.

Voters who will be 18 by the November General Election are allowed to vote in the Primary.