Adult Services

Adult Care Home Case Management    

Enhanced care

Adult Home Care Licensure    

Monitors family-care homes for the aged to ensure the safety of residents.

Adult Home Specialist Services   

Assists adults and / or families in decision making and adjustment with out-of-home placements.

Aid to the Blind   

Assists visually impaired individuals with eye certification, adjustment and self-support, orientation and mobility, training, in-home aide, resource and referral, and counseling services to ensure total integration into environment and community.

Guardianship & Payeeship    

Court-appointed guardians assure health and safety for adults. Department of Social Services (DSS) serves as protective payee for those who are receiving Social Security or public assistance and are in jeopardy of being deprived of basic needs.

Individual / Family Adjustment Services   

Services designed to offer assistance to individuals and family members in support of attempts to restructure or solidify the individual's environment.

In-Home Aide / Level III Home Management    

In-home aides provide basic home management services to home-bound elderly and disabled individuals to avoid placement in institutional care.

Protective Services / Crisis Intervention    

Protective services investigation and assessment provided to disabled adults regarding abuse, neglect, or exploitation.


DSS purchased transportation for income-eligible (Medicaid) clients through Wilkes Transportation Authority and Wilkes Senior Citizens. Elderly, disabled, and low-income persons were transported to human services agencies and to medical providers.