HealthCare Connection

 This service is for people who are uninsured and need assistance. HealthCare Connection is an integrated system working with private and public physicians, Wilkes Regional Medical Center, and the Wilkes County Health Department to provide access care to low-income, uninsured citizens of Wilkes County. The program provides preventive, primary and specialty care, and low-cost pharmaceuticals.


You are eligible if you have:
  • Acute active health problems
  • No access to health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, or VA benefits
  • Total gross household income at or below 200% federal poverty level
  • Age 21 - 64
  • Residents of Wilkes County for at least the past 30 days
  • Those who are willing to accept responsibility for complying with the medical advice provided
HealthCare Connection is not a health insurance plan, it is however a way to help our uninsured community members stabilize their health. To find out if you can receive assistance or how you can help, please call 336- 651-7450.