E-911 Address

The purpose of the Wilkes County E-911 Addressing Program is to protect the safety and welfare of the general public through the orderly assignment of addresses to facilitate the location of individual dwellings and businesses by emergency personnel.


To obtain an E-911 address in Wilkes County you must have a standing structure or some type of solid base in the ground. (Example: Footers) Then to obtain an E-911 address contact the E-911 addressing office by phone at 336-651-7388. Information that will be needed includes occupant's name, type of construction, (modular, stick built, mobile home, etc.) description of the home or business, road name, and which side of the road the home or business is located on.

Assigned Addresses

E-911 addresses are assigned based on distance from a particular road intersection. Numbers are at least three digits and given every 5.28 feet with even numbers being on the right side and odd numbers being on the left.

How to Post Your Address

  • If possible display the numbers in a lighted area.
  • If the home or business is visible from the street display the numbers on the side of the building facing the road. (Be sure the numbers are large enough to be legible from the roadway.)
  • If the house is not visible from the road, display the number on a sign and post at the end of the driveway.
  • If this number is used for mailing purposes, it should be posted on the mailbox as well.