School Resource Officers


In 1995 Sheriff Dane Mastin implemented the school resource officer program as a part of his department's duties. Four deputies were assigned to the program and it remains active as of present date. Deputy's who work in this field are certified law enforcement officers who perform specialized law enforcement skills and are assigned to local area educational institutions. These officers play a vital role in the safety and security of the children and staff along with the protection of educational property during the school calendar year.
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There are many other functions these officers must perform some of which are as follows:
  • Duty to enforce state and local laws and assist school officials on the campuses of the Wilkes County school system
  • Charged with the investigation of criminal activity on school property
  • Counseling students in special situations when requested by school officials or parents
  • Serve as a instructional resource for educators and students regarding law enforcement, juvenile and criminal laws
  • Provides security for school campuses and special school related events
  • Assumes a command role during criminal incidents and any potentially dangerous situations that may occur on school property
Along with other duties not mentioned these officers must meet other requirements as to receiving mandated training throughout the year in order to maintain their certification along with specialized training pertaining to school resource officer activities and school violence. As you can see it takes a special person to carry the title of school resource officer. These individuals have a true sincerity not only for the safety of the children of Wilkes County, but also to daily play a positive role in the betterment of each child's life.