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1. Who do I contact if I am concerned about environmental health hazards in my work place?
2. Who can I speak to concerning black mold in a rental house?
3. How do I report improper removals of waste in my neighborhood?
4. How can I get help with code violations in my apartment?
5. Have there been reports of bed bugs at any lodging establishments in Wilkes County?
6. Is it illegal to have a camper on your own land and allow the raw sewage to be dumped on the owners property?
7. Does health department do drinking water testing for individuals?
8. Does the Health Department keep records of applications for new septic systems?
9. How can I report illegal activities/poor sanitation in hotels?
10. How can we have someone from the Health Department check out unsanitary living conditions?
11. Are there health concerns or city ordinances for trash piles in a neighborhood?
12. Are there records in the Health Department that indicate where the septic tank and drain lines are located in old houses?
13. How long is a perc test valid?
14. What is the cost of a Perc Test?
15. What do I do if there is lead or asbestos in a home?