Can you get pregnant during or right after your period?
Yes, you can. So, if you’re not actively trying to get pregnant, it’s always safer to use reliable contraception when you have sex, no matter when it is during your cycle. Ovulation occurs around the middle of a woman’s cycle – specifically, in the middle third. If you have a 28-day cycle, for example, then you usually ovulate on the 14th day, counting the first day of your period as the first day of your cycle.

If your period lasts seven or eight days, by the time you finish menstruating you’re only five or six days away from ovulating. If you consider that sperm can live in the fallopian tube for two or three days, then you have a narrow window in which you could get pregnant if you ovulated a little earlier than normal.

The best way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy is to use a reliable form of birth control. For more information on birth control options, please contact Wilkes County Health Department at 336-651-7450 to schedule an appointment in our Family Planning Clinic.

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