Recycling Center Information

Wilkes County operates three recycling/convenience centers.  These centers are available for residential drop-off of bagged household waste and provides an outlet for recycling.  These centers are not available to commercial business waste disposal.  All centers accept bagged household waste for disposal.  Household waste consists of trash and food waste from the daily activities of a home.  Anything other than household waste such as wood, metal or in general “spring or basement” cleaning must come to the landfill at Roaring River.  Users of the centers are discouraged from bringing pickup loads of bagged trash to the centers for disposal. The centers are not equipped to handle large loads.  Large loads should be delivered directly to the landfill for disposal.  No liquids, paints (unless dried) or hazardous waste is accepted at any of the County’s disposal areas.  Disposal methods of liquids and hazardous waste are available from the source of purchase or the manufacturer of the product. These three recycling/convenience centers accepts Commingled recyclables.

Materials Accepted for Recycling at Wilkes Landfill and Convenience Centers

  1. Mixed Papers: This will include sale flyers, soft back books, junk mail, magazines, copy paper, newspapers, and hard back books with hard cover removed. Please do not put wax coated papers, cardboard, brown paper bags or plastic bags in recycle bin. Do not put shredded paper in bin.
  2. Plastic Bottles –Number 1-7: This will include clean milk jugs, water bottles, and drink bottles, Clorox bottles, washing detergent bottles, plastic coffee containers, or any container that the neck is smaller than the container itself. Please do not put any plastic bowls, toys, buckets, plastic bags, orange medicine bottles or brown bags in recycle bin. Do not put oil containers in plastic recyclables.  (We take only Bottles!)
  3. Aluminum Cans / Metal Cans: This will include clean aluminum cans, metal food cans, pie pans and aluminum foil. Please do not put plastic bags or brown paper bags in recycle container.
  4. Cardboard: This will include brown paper bags, cereal boxes, cracker boxes or any boxes. Please do not put any wax boxes in this container. Must break cardboard boxes down. NO Styrofoam.
  5. USED Motor Oil: Please pour oil in the recycle container. (no more than 5 gallons at a time) Residential only.
  6. Used Oil Filters: Please put oil filters in oil filter drum. Do not put plastic jugs or trash in these drums.
  7. Use Anti-Freeze: Please pour anti-freeze in recycling container. (Only accepted at Landfill)
  8. Batteries: Lead –acid batteries (Only accepted at Landfill)
  9. Tires: All tires have to be off the rims and must be stacked in a trailer. A NC. Disposal Form has to be fill out each time tires are brought to landfill. Retailers have to have a merchant ID number. No paint or dirt filled tires accepted. (Only accepted at Landfill)
  10. White Goods: Washing machines, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, air conditions, stoves, water heaters, dish washers. We accept metal but charge a fee. (Only accepted at Landfill)                      
  11. Glass: All mixed cleaned glass bottles, glass jars without lids.  Please do not put plastic bags in the glass bin.

Glass Bottles from Wilkes County ABC permit holders will be charged $43.00 a ton

12.  Electronics: Televisions, computer monitors, laptops. There is a fee. (Only accepted at Landfill)


  • All Recycling Bins are for Wilkes County residential use only. No businesses.
  • Not everything can be recycled, even if an item contains a recycling symbol.
  • NO plastic bags.                                                                                                                  
  • The Convenience Centers accept household bagged garbage (which consist of trash and food waste from the daily activities of a home). Any other trash must be taken to the Landfill.
  • No out of county recyclables or trash is accepted at any site.


There will be a $250.00 fine for throwing trash in the recycle bins or for placing anything on the ground around the bins.

It shall be unlawful to place waste in any place other than the designated area. Any attempts will be reported to the NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources. Landfill users must unload only in the area designated by the Landfill Manager. The hauler and/or waste generator will be responsible for removal and clean-up of all wastes unloaded in an undesignated area.

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Public Notice

North Carolina State Law requires that you tarp your load in transport to a disposal facility.
The Solid Waste Department does not accept any hazardous or liquid waste.